COVID-19 Vaccine Benefits


If you have had the COVID-19 vaccine, terrific. You have done something good for yourself and our community. If you haven’t, here are five benefits to consider about getting yourself vaccinated:

1. Avoiding Serious Disease

We already talked about this above. Younger people get sick, are hospitalized, and even die of COVID. Not as often as older folks, but it does happen. And those “long-hauler” symptoms can be awful.

2. Helping Older Relatives and those at higher risk

The best way for you to protect and help your senior relatives or others at higher risk is to get vaccinated yourself. This helps them avoid exposure and all the risks that getting COVID would cause them.

3. Helping Everyone

We are in this together. If enough people get the vaccine, we can end COVID-19 or at least control it enough so it isn’t constantly on our minds and we can get rid of these masks.

4. Getting Back to Normal

Remember the “before time”? OSU football, eating out, CBJ hockey, going to movies, going to the library, visiting the Zoo or Art Museum - whatever it is that you miss most, getting the vaccine will get you back to it sooner.

5. Participation in More Activities

In addition to travel, there will likely be things which require proof of vaccination in the future. Getting one means you won’t miss out.

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