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Eastside Medical Office Building Breaks Ground

In February, COPC broke ground on its newest medical building, the Eastside Medical Office Building. It will be located at 8050 E. Broad St. and will encompass 62,000 SF.

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Allergy Season is Coming! Does Your Child Have a Handle on Their Asthma?

Whether your child has been recently diagnosed with asthma or struggles to manage their condition, especially during allergy season, we have a resource that can help! Our pediatric asthma education program is for COPC patients (Ages 6-18) and their families working together to improve their asthma symptoms.

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Understanding Allergic Conjunctivitis

Distinguishing between allergic, viral, and bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye) can be a challenge. Exposure to a known allergen is often associated with eye itching, burning, tearing, and eyelid swelling. These symptoms typically occur in both eyes and resolve after the allergen is removed. Discharge is watery and clear in color.

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