Introducing Televisits

With over 200,000 TeleVisits performed and a 98% patient satisfaction rate, our new service delivers the same high-quality care in the comfort of your home.

How to Get At-home COVID-19 Tests from USPS

Free at-home COVID-19 tests are available to order from the USPS. Visit their website to learn more about getting test kits or place an order.

Meet Some of Our Physicians Accepting New Patients

Schedule an appointment with one of our compassionate primary care physicians who will provide you and your family with the highest quality preventative and chronic care.

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Pediatric COVID-19 FAQs

We understand the strain that COVID has placed on all of us and know how important keeping your children safe during the pandemic is to parents. Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding COVID.

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ADHD and Accommodations

Do you have concerns that your child may have ADHD? We have a brief guide available to help you find resources and start asking questions.

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The Benefits of Winter Squash

Find out how you and your family can enjoy the benefits of winter squash!

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Five Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot

Flu season is firing up all over the country right now. While the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the flu to the back of people’s minds in 2020, its virality and consequences haven’t changed.

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Call Us First! We’re Here to Help

Many emergency room visits can be avoided and it helps to have the support of a medical professional in making that decision. When you are not feeling well and need to decide about a visit to the emergency room, your primary care physician can help.

Your primary care provider can often help identify the problem and assess the level of urgency, offer the care you need, or help you determine the right place to get treatment for what ails you.

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Senior Care Advantage

It’s a better than traditional Medicare Advantage care model with a revolutionary twist. Our program is a top quality and dynamic experience designed to be one step ahead of your health issues in addition to being highly cost-effective.

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Coronavirus Resources

From food and nutrition assistance to social and educational services, there are a variety of community resources for families and children during COVID-19.

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