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Africa Road Diabetes Management

All Ages Family Medicine

Amy R. Kelley, M.D.

Arlington-Mill Run Internal Medicine

Associated Pediatrics

Bethel Reed Park Diabetes Management

Bethel Reed Park Fall Prevention

Bethel Reed Park Tobacco Cessation

Buchanan Medical Arts

Building Blocks Pediatrics

Canal Winchester Tobacco Cessation

Canyon Medical Center

Capital City Medical Associates

Central Ohio Infusion Services

Central Ohio Medicine

Cherry Westgate Family Practice

Columbus East Ancillary Center

Columbus East Internal Medicine

Columbus Endocrinology

Columbus Endocrinology Delaware

Columbus Endocrinology Gahanna

Columbus Infectious Disease

Columbus Internal Medicine

Comprehensive Home & Palliative Care

Cooper Road Family Practice

COPC at First Community Village

COPC at Friendship Village of Dublin

COPC Care Forward Center

COPC Connect 4 Care

COPC Corporate Services

COPC Five Points Physicians

COPC Hospitalists

COPC Internal Medicine Group

COPC Marysville

COPC Physicians of Southern Ohio

COPC Polaris

COPC Rheumatology

COPC SeniorSelect Center Tobacco Cessation

COPC Sports, Spine & Joint

COPC Sports, Spine & Joint

COPC Sports, Spine & Joint

COPC Sports, Spine & Joint Orthopedic Urgent Care

COPC Sports, Spine & Joint Physical Therapy

COPC True Vine Family Medicine

COPC Westerville

Dr. Ron Vargo Family Practice

Dublin Internal Medicine

Dublin Physical Therapy

Eastglen Pediatrics

Eastside Lab Draw Station

Eastside Physical Therapy

Eastside Radiology

Endocrinology Specialists

Endocrinology Specialists East

Endocrinology Specialists Lancaster

Fairfield Internal Medicine

Fairfield Medical Associates

Fairway Family Physicians

Faith Family Health

Family Medicine & Pediatrics at Winchester Square

Family Medicine North

Family Physicians of Gahanna

Family Practice Center of Westerville

Feldman Family Practice

Granville Pike Family Physicians

Grove City Primary Care

Hilliard Family Medicine

Jasonway Internal Medicine

Kenneth Baker, MD - Cardiologist

Keystone Primary Care

Knightsbridge Internal Medicine

Lancaster Lab Draw Station

Linscott Family Practice

Marysville Primary Care

Memory Assessment Center

Michael R. Ports, MD

Mid-Ohio Pediatrics and Adolescents

Milestone Pediatrics

Mill Valley Pediatrics

Northside Medical Associates

Northwest Family Physicians

Northwest Internal Medicine

Northwest Physical Therapy

Ohio Center for Pediatrics

Ohio Dominican University Peace Hall Diabetes Management

Olentangy Cardiac Testing

Olentangy Lab Draw Station

Olentangy Pediatric Support Center

Olentangy Radiology

Pediatric and Adolescent Practitioners

Polaris Parkway Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Powell Pediatric Care

Primary Care Physicians East

Professional Pediatrics of Hilliard

Provider Physicians North

Reynoldsburg Police Station

River's Edge Pediatrics Dublin

River's Edge Pediatrics Westerville

Riverside Medical Group

Riverside Pediatric Associates

SameDay Center East

SameDay Center Olentangy

SameDay Center Westerville

Scioto Family Physicians

SeniorSelect Center

Small World Pediatrics

Stella Primary Care

Step By Step Pediatrics

Stonegate Family Health

Stonegate Medical Associates

Suburban Internal Medicine

Tarang Sharma, MD Endocrinology Marysville

Tri County Family Physicians

Upper Arlington Preventative Primary Care

Westerville Cardiac Testing

Westerville Fall Prevention - 655 Africa Road

Westerville Family Physicians

Westerville Internal Medicine

Westerville Lab Draw Station

Westerville Medical Associates

Westerville Pediatric Support Center

Westerville Physical Therapy

Westerville Radiology

Westerville Tobacco Cessation

Worthington Family Physicians

Worthington Internal Medicine

Worthington Pediatrics


Learn details about our providers.

Abad, MD, John Philamer

Abidin, MD, Johnny

Abu Obaid, MD, Sabreen

Adams, PA-C, Angela

Admane, MD, Vaishali

Aebi, MD, Mark

Albrecht, DO, FAAP, Ilona

Allagree, CNP, Jodi

Allen, DO, Sara

Alley, MD, Sarah

Almasanu, DO, Benjamin

Althausen, MD, Lacey

Amata, MD, Nick

Amborski, CNP, Rebekah

Ameh, MD, Onma

Amiri, MD, Rannie

Anderson, MD, Timothy

Anderson, MD, FACE, Samuel

Anderson, MD, MPH, Bernadette

Aronovic, MD, Stephannie

Arvai, MSN, BSN, FNP-C, Michelle

Ashcraft, MD, Cregg

Ataman, MD, Nardia

Aurand, MD, William

Bachman, MD, Jennifer

Badawi, MD, Omar

Baker, MD, FACC, Kenneth

Bakker, MD, Richard

Ballenger, MD, FAAP, Taylor

Bar Lev, MD, Lauren

Barnett, DO, Maria

Barson, DO, Brent

Barson, MD, Ryan

Bartsch, MD, Courtney

Barua, MD, Pierre

Bathini, MD, Sydulu

Battles, MD, Heather

Beam Jr., MD, Wayne

Beckett, DO, Natalie

Bellala, MD, Ravikiran

Benjamin, MD, Mariam

Bhasin, MD, PhD, FACE, Romi

Bhojraj, MD, Amit

Billington, DO, Elizabeth

Billington, MD, Nathan

Biswas, MD, Anirban

Bixler, CNP, Steven

Bjelovuk, CNP, Zorica

Black, MD, Cynthia

Blair, MD, Charmaine

Blazer, MD, Kimberly

Blumberg, MD, Lara

Bobula, MD, Steven

Bodnar, DO, Natalie

Boezi, DO, Monique

Bolton, MD, Eileen

Bonier, DO, Rachel

Born, MD, David

Bowser, DO, Laura

Boyd, MD, Stephen

Brackin, DO, Julianne

Briones, MD, Jennifer

Brown, MD, Lora

Bucci, DO, Angela

Buchanan, MD, Timothy

Buchsieb, DO, Christopher

Buechel, DO, Adam

Buendia, MD, Michelle

Burkart, CNP, Stephanie

Bush, MD, Jennifer

Butz, MD, Laura

Cafarelli, MD, Jason

Caffaratti, MD, Angela

Callahan, MD, Kara

Calland, DO, Ann

Campbell, MD, Jennifer

Canowitz, MD, Stephen

Cappuzzello, DO, Jason

Casden, DO, Carrie

Casey, MD, Anthony

Chalmers, MD, Julie

Chatterjee, MD, Shampa

Chidester, MD, Kara

Chirravuri, MD, Venkatesh

Cho, MD, Nami

Choe, DO, Susan

Clemmer, DO, Danielle

Cole, Parker

Cole, MD, Benjamin

Colella, DO, Julie

Collamore, DO, Minden

Conklin, DO, Kelly

Coss, DO, Timothy

Costlow, MD, Kathleen

Couling, MD, Sidney

Cowan, MD, Thomas

Coyle, MD, Christen

Cranker, CNP, Kelly

Crawford, MS APRN FNP-C, Yolanda

Crisp, MD, Charlene

Dairo, MD, FAAP, MRCP, Omolara

Dankovich, MD, Laura

Daufeldt, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, Cara

Davakis, MD, Stephen

Davidson, CNP, Tina

Davis, MD, FAAFP, Jennifer

Dcruz, MD, Teena

De Jong, MD, Gracia

Deam, DO, Kaleb

DeFiore, APRN, CNP, Tricia

Derby, DO, Matthew

DeShetler, MD, Donald

DeVoe, MD, Traci

Devor, DO, Kristin

DeWitt, CNP, Kathryn

Dhawale, MD, Praveena

Dhawale, MD, Ravi

DiBartola, MD, FAAP, Michael

Dickerson, MD, FAAP, Kevin

DiPietra, MD, John

Doherty, DO, Kent

Donati, MD, Diana

Donovan, MD, Lorna

Dorado, MD, James

Dunnan, MD, James

Dusseau, DO, Steven

Dusseau, MD, Joseph

Dutro, CNP, Caitlin

Eastman, MD, Nicholas

Eby, MD, Meika

Ecker, MD, Kenneth

Efaw, MD, Brad

Emerick, MD, Jane

Failor, DO, Joanna

Fant, MD, Amanda

Faust, DO, Maureen

Fedorchak, MD, FACP, Arlene

Feldman, DO, Bryan

Fernandes, MD, FAAFP, Shruti

Flaherty, DO, Jean

Flynn, PA-C, Katie

Folk, CNP, Annamarie

Fornadel, MD, Brian

Forrest, CNP, Marissa

Fosselman, DO, Dan

Fosselman, MD, Douglas

Fosselman, MD, David

Franks, MD, Michael

Franz, MD, Robin

Frisch, PA, Erica

Fuller, MD, Brad

Fulop, MD, Kathleen

Gable, DO, Lacey

Gaglani, MD, Raju

Galani, PA-C, Sharmi

Gallagher, MD, Mae

Gallagher, MD, Michael

Gano, DO, Emma

Garcellano, DO, Miriam

Gathof, MD, Kathryn

Geary, PA-C, CDES, Caitlin

George, MD, Christopher

Giannetto, MD, Francine

Gilbert, MD, Monica

Gilbert, MD, Paul

Golla, MD, FAAP, Michelle

Goodlive, MD, Susan Sabo

Gordon, MD, Amanda

Gossard, MD, Laurie

Goyal, MD, Mili

Graham, MD, Michelle

Graham, MD, Kevin

Grandinetti, MD, Paul

Gray, MD, Emily

Greene, CNP, Kimberly

Gregerson, MD, Jacob

Gronbach, MD, Kort

Grulkowski, MD, Mary

Guadiz, Anna

Habteselassie, FNP, Hillina

Hackman, MD, Mark

Hagen, DO, Mark

Hahn, DO, Scott

Hall, AGAC-NP, Whitney

Hall, MD, Amira

Hamilton, MD, William

Hanson, MD, Kristopher

Hard, MD, Eric

Harmeyer, DO, Brian

Harris, DO, Jameelah

Harrold, MD, Melissa

Hasnat, MD, Shahed

Hayek, DO, Galen

He, DO, Paul

Heinlen, MD, Leah

Hennessy, MD, Blase

Hennessy, MD, Diana

Herman, MSN, CNP, Emily

Herron, CNP, Holly

Hershfield, MD, PhD, Robert

Hevezi, MD, Louis

Hickman, MD, Mark

Hicks, CNP, Kimberly

Hicks, CNP, Laura

Hoenig, DO, Jordan

Hoffman, MD, Leslie

Hofmeister, MD FACP , Marietta

Holtzapfel, MD, Seth

Honda, MD, Nicholas

Hoover, MD, James

Hopple, MD, Melissa

Horn, MD, Lisa

Hourmouzis, MD, Nina

Houssein, MD, FACE, Assem

Hower, MD, Olivia

Hua, MD, Trieu

Huefner, MD, Julianne

Hughes, CNP, Erin

Hughes, MD, Jeannie

Huh, MD, Johnny

Hundley, MD, Julie

Hunter, MD, Jessica

Huston, MD, Robinette

Hutson, CNP, Rachel

Itty, DO, Julie

Jacob, MD, Elizabeth

Javidi, MD, MPH, Leila

Jepson, MD, Christina

Jeric, PA-C, Maria

Jeu, MD, FAAFP, Joseph

Jhaveri, MD, Nishit

Jipa, MD, Mihai

Jipa, MD, Daniela

Johnson, DO, Olamide

Johnson, MD, Susanna

Jones, CNP, Kimberly

Jones, MD, Joshua

Kahle, Mark

Kander, MD, Melissa

Kaur, MD, Anupreet

Kavuluri, MD, Leena

Kellar, CNP, Cynthia

Keller, MD, Andrew

Keller, MD, Kyle

Kelley, MD, Amy

Kelly, MD, Sara

Kesari, DO, Anuradha

Kesari, MD, Srikanth

Kesari, MD, Caitlin

Khozina, MD, Malvina

Kilofliski, MD, Laura

Kim, DO, Eugenia

Kim, MD, Peter

Kimble, DO, Chelsey

King, CNP, Christina

King, MD, Gideon

King, MS, APRN, CNP, FNP-BC, Debra

Kirkby, MD, Cheryl

Kirkland, MD, Adam

Kirkland, MD, FAAP, Elizabeth

Kitchin, MD, Trevor

Kloda, MD, Piotr

Knapke, MD, Matthew

Knight, MD, MPH, Neil

Knobeloch, MD, William

Knox, MD, James

Kollman, CNP, Cheryl

Korcal, MD, Andrew

Kosiorowska-Sterkowicz, MD, Beata

Koval, MD, Ann

Kravitz, PA-C, Mary

Kroustos, MD, Constantine

Krucki, PA-C, Kayce

Krueger, MD, Justin

Krumm, MD, Lisa

Kuhlman, DO, Robert

Kumar, MD, Neha

Kumar, MD, Shashi

Kumbar, MD, FAAP, Vijay

Kunz Jr., MD, Jerry

Kunz, MD, Bradley

Kwong, DO, Helen

LaBrec-Salmons, MD, Celina

Lahoti, MD, Pooja

LaHue, MD, David

Landry, MD, Kristen

Langan, MD, FACP, Michael

Lange, MD, Tishana

Lauf, DO, Ryan

Laus, MD, Agnes

LaVoy, CNP, Alyssa

Leach, MD, Christina

Leahy, CNP, Helen

Lee, MD, Bo Na

Lee, MD, Yun Hui

Lee, MD, Margaret

Legg, MD, Eric

Leonard, MD, Steven

Likki, MD, Shravan

Linscott, DO, Joseph

Lisko, MD, Bradley

Little, MD, Elizabeth

Liu, MD, Jacob

Long, Kelly

Lopez, MD, Sheree

Maher, MD, Laura

Mahoney, MD, FAAP, Michele

Mailloux, MD, Jason

Makadia, MD, Neil

Malik, MD, Sarah

Mandiga, DO, Pallavi

Manly, CNP, Jessica

Mantor, MD, Gina

Marcantoni-Nevers, MD, Veronica

Maresco, APRN, FNP-C, Meredith

Marshall, DO, Jeffrey

Martin, MD, Jay

Maurer, MD, Trevor

McAllister, MD, Mary

McAninch, DO, Kevin

McCarthy, CNP, Sara

McChesney, APRN-CNP, Leslie

McFadden, DO, Bradley

McFadden, DO, Jonathan

McGowan, MD, CAQSM, Jacqueline

McGuffin, PA-C , Amanda

McInerney, MD, Yasmin

McMullen, MD, Timothy

McVicker, PA-C , Timothy

Meacham, DO, Benjamin

Meek, MD, Austin

Mehl, CNP, Cory

Mehta, MD, Meera

Meis, DO, Sophia

Melaragno, MD, Daniel

Messerly, CNP, Michele

Mewhort, MD, Lisa

Miele, MD, Anthony

Mielke, CNP, Breenne

Miller, MD, Cameron

Miller, MD, David

Miller, MD, Michael

Mills, DO, Stephen

Milton, MD, CLC, Alana

Moffa, MD, Kevin

Mogalla, MD, Yashasvini

Morris, DO, Scott

Morris, MD, Michelle

Morton, MD, Kimberly

Mott-Young, MD, Adrienne

Mowry-Fisk, MD, Jennifer

MS, APRN, FNP-C, Candace Stone

Muresan, MD, Mark

Murphy, DO, Cathleen

Muthuri, MD, Leah

Nash, DO, Laura

Nash, MD, Jessica

Nasir, MD, Summiyah

Natalie, MD, James

Naylor, MD, RJ

Nichols, CNP, Stephanie

Nickison, MD, Christopher

Niland, MD, Mary-Lynn

Novak, MD, Svetlana

Oaks, DO, Kristin

O'Connell, PA-C, Danielle

Omikunle, MD, Adebomi

Osthaus, MD, Laura

Overbey, MD, Jennifer

Paes, DO, John

Paladugu, MD, Samatha

Palmer, MD, Arthur

Pandya, MD, Aradhi

Pandya, MD, Neil

Pappa, DO, Rachael

Pappa, MD, Claire

Parikh, MD, IBCLC, Divya

Parker, MD, Audra

Patel, CNP, Jigisha

Patel, DO, Jaymin

Patel, MD, Monika

Patel, MD, Bhairavi

Patel, MD, Bharatkumar

Patel, MD, Rupenkumar

Patel, PA-C, Palak

Pathan, MD, Shunaid

Pedrick, MD, Jason

Pennywitt, MD, Jacqueline

Perry, MD, Michael

Pham, MD, Nhung

Phan, Trung

Phillips-Chou, MD, Laura

Phipps, MD, Brian

Pieper, PA-C , CeCe

Pietropaolo, MD, Domenico

Polas, DO, Phyllis

Pool, MD, Joseph

Ports, MD, Michael

Prabhu, MD, Christina

Prabhu, MD, Yogeesh

Pratt, CNP, Megan

Prenger, MD, Scott

Pugh, MD, M. Bonnie

Pulver, MD, Francine

Pumpelly, ARNP, Miriam

Pushkin, MD, Natalia

Qazi, MD, Asif

Que, MD, Jamie

Rajah, MD, Vasanthy

Ramos, MD, Caroline

Rangi, MD, Baljit

Rangi, MD, Inderpreet

Ravipati, DO, Chandana Shilpa

Reeg, PA-C, Seanna

Reese, MD, Cynthia

Reineck, DO, Scott

Renko, CNP, Sarah

Rentel, MD, Victoria

Rerko, DO, Lindsay

Rhinehart, MD, Andrew

Richard, MD, FAAFP, Neil

Riggenbach, CNP, Barbara

Rowland, MD, Timothy

Rush, CNP, Corinna

Rush, MD, Adam

Ryan, MD, John

Sabo, CNP, Julie

Sahai, MD, Purbi

Sandlin, RDN, LD, Kelsey

Santa, PA-C, Andrea

Saridakis, MD, Paul

Sauls, MD, PhD, Bryan

Savage, MD, Timothy

Schaffner, MD, FAAP, Erin

Schartz, CNP, Becky

Schellhase, MD, Jill

Schmelzer, APRN, FNP-C, Jessica

Schmiesing, DO, Kristine

Schnackel, MD, William

Schneider, MD, Christopher

Schott, CNP, Chloe

Schroer, CNP, Daniel

Schultz, MD, Randolph

Schumacher, MD, Douglas

Schwaderer, DO, Renee

Scudder, DO, Stacy

Seifert, MD, Kelly

Sen, MD, Anindya

Serve, DO, Marc

Shapiro. PA-C, Ali

Sharkis, MD, David

Sharma, CNP, Rupali

Sharma, MD, Animesh

Sharma, MD, Tarang

Sheets, MD, Eileen

Shell, MD, Stephen

Shepherd, CNP, Ashley

Sheth, MD, Rajiv

Shoaps, MD, Ethan

Shoemaker, MD, Abigail

Shu, MD, George

Siddiqui, MD, Sana

Simek, MD, Michael

Simon, MD, FAAP, Phillip

Singh, MD, Rao

Singh, MD, Swetha

Skeels, DO, Michael

Skomorowski, MD, Matthew

Slaunwhite, MD, Rebecca

Sleesman, MD, H. Craig

Smith, DO, Andrew

Sodhi, Ajay Paul

Sodhi, MD, Ajay

Sorg, MD, Laura

Sparks, PA-C, Stephanie

Sparling, DO, Wendy

Spiess, MD, Catherine

Sprouse, MD, Robert

Stamps, DO, Jamie

Stathulis, MD, Evan

Stefanoski, MD, Stevco

Steginsky, MD, Alan

Stepherson, DNP, FNP-BC, Monica

Sterling, MD, FAAP, Donna

Stewart, MD, Nathaniel

Stiles, MD, Kathleen

Stock, MD, Kimberly

Stolly, CNP, Bailey

Stover, DO, Amanda

Sturgill, DO, Jennifer

Sullivan Jr., MD, Miller

Sun, MD, Jennifer

Sun, MD, Kristine

Szulawski, DO, Robert

Taddeo, MD, Ronald

Tamburello, MD, Ellen

Tansky, MD, Katrina

Tariq, MD, Fouzia

Taylor, MD, Brian

Taylor, MD, Mark

Taylor, MD, Matthew

Tener, MSN, APRN, Abigail

Teodorescu, MD, Magdalena

Tewari-Washam, MD, Abha

Thirugnanam, MD, Mohan

Thomas, CNP, Amy

Thompson, DO, Holly

Thompson, MD, Douglas

Thorne, DO, Alicia

Thorne, MD, Jon

Tomcisin, CNP, Hannah

Toohey, MD, Patricia

Torma, Brian

Trgovac, MD, Tracey

Tsai, DO, Alex

Tsai, MD, Kristine

Tsalikova, MD, PhD, Fatima

Tymbel, DO, Pavla

Tyznik, MD, John

Unk, MD, Elizabeth

Valdman, MD, Boris

Van Steyn, MD, CLC, Nicole

Vargo, DO, Ron

Varma, MD, Nilesh

Varma, MD, Jasmine

Varveris, MD, Maria

Vellucci, MD, Sean

Vitullo II, MD, John

Walker, DO, David

Waluzak, MD, Michael

Ward, CNP, Courtney

Ward, PA-C, Ty

Waterfield, MD, Catherine

Watkins, MD, Nicholas

Watson, CNP, Aja

Weiss, MD, FACP, John

Welsh, MD, Sara

Wheasler III, MD, Ray

Whelan, DO, Meg

Whetstone, MD, Julie

Whitehead, MD, Robert

Williams, DO, Michael

Williams, MD, Jamar

Willis, DO, Chelsea

Wilson, CNP, Kelsey

Wilt, MD, Roger

Wing, DO, Marcus

Winterhalter, MD, Jason

Winterhalter, MD, FAAP, Melissa

Wolf, MD, Robert

Woodlief, MD, Cameron

Woods, MD, Stephen

Wylie, MD, FAAP, Lindsay

Yang, MD, Samuel

Young, MD, Christine

Zarraby, MD, Roya

Zhuang, MD, Qianli

Zimmerman, MD, Michelle Rae

Zsoldos, MD, Robert


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