Pediatric Nutrition

Starting Healthy Habits Early for a Successful Future

Did you know?
Most children don't get the right balance of nutrients in their diet. *

On average:

60% of children don't eat the recommended amount of fruits.

90% of children don't eat the recommended amount of vegetables.

20% of vegetables children eat are either french fries or potato chips.

Does this describe your child's diet? If so, our classes can guide you in the right direction. These classes aren’t like school and there are no tests. Instead there will be games, activities, and food samples to build healthy habits at an impressionable age. If your child is a COPC patient and you want to improve their nutrition, we encourage you to attend classes and bring them along.

We care about your child’s well-being in all areas and that includes the food they eat. Families are busier than ever in today’s world and nutrition may be an afterthought, but our program is here to help. Eating a healthy variety of food doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. There are many tips and tricks to bump up your child’s nutrition that we can help you discover. Come to one of our classes for more information.

Pediatric Nutrition Class Topics

Feeding Strategies for Picky Eaters

Overcome those mealtime battles with these tricks and tips for picky eaters.

Nutrition for Busy Families

Learn quick and convenient tips to eat healthy while managing your busy schedule.

Grocery Store Tours

Walk through the aisles with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to find healthy, tasty, and affordable foods for your family.

Infant and Toddler Nutrition

Build a healthy foundation for your young child and recognize the milestones in nutrition.

Mindful Eating and Body Positivity

Bring your children to learn about eating for energy (not out of boredom) and discover the meaning of positive body images.

Cooking Demonstration

Watch and learn new recipes that your family will want to recreate and enjoy together.

We recognize that every family has different needs and preferences, especially when it comes to how they eat. With this in mind, we crafted a unique variety of classes that all types of children and families can relate to. If your child is a COPC patient and you find our class topics appealing, you can attend our workshops for more information.

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Pediatric Nutrition Dieticians

* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (August 2014) Progress on Children Eating More Fruit, Not Vegetables Retrieved from