Bill Pay

A Safe and Simple Way to Pay Your Medical Bills Online

Online Bill Payments

As a COPC patient, you have two options to pay your bill online safely and securely.

If you have a statement code, please pay through A login is not required.


Patient Portal

If you wish to pay through the Patient Portal and have an account set up, click the button below.

HealowPay Tips

Statement Codes

Getting Started

Patients will receive a code on their statement they can use to pay their bill without having to log into the Patient Portal.

View the sample statement code image above for details.

Logging In

Entering and Receiving Codes

Once you have accessed enter your statement code and last name.

If you cannot locate your statement code, you can select the “Click Here if you do not have the Statement Code” link.

Note: A statement must have been generated after Healow Pay has been activated for this feature to work.

HealowPay through Healow Check-in

Pay Ahead

Patients will be able to pay their balances and/or copay during the virtual check-in process for those offices utilizing Healow Check-in and choose to enable the feature.

Tips for
Patient Portal Payments

Finding Statements

Dashboard Navigation

The “Latest Statement” tile will no longer exist in the patient portal dashboard.

However, “Statement History” can be accessed under “My Account”.

Viewing Statements

Selecting Dates

Clicking on a statement date will open the electronic view of the statement selected. This will contain the “Pay Bill” button at the top of the form.

Bill payments received through the U.S. mail are also accepted.

If you choose to make payments by mail, please include the statement you received along with your payment.

Let Our Team Help You

If you have any billing questions or require assistance, give us a call and our team will help you.

Call (614) 423-6916 for Assistance