Key Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot

10/17/2022 | Medical Staff

Flu season is upon us. The early-fall to late-winter virus rears its ugly head and prays on our population every year. Here are some key reasons to get your flu shot. 


It Will Reduce Your Chances of Getting the Flu

The most obvious. Getting the flu shot will lower your chances of getting the flu.

It’s Safe

Decades of research have validated the safety of the flu vaccine. According to Medical News Today, the flu shot – FDA-approved in 1990 – has been scrutinized by health departments, doctors, and scientists around the world. The main conclusion? The flu shot is safe, and it does not cause the flu when you get the vaccine.


It Keeps You Out of the Hospital

The truth is the hospital is not fun. It is downright stressful and expensive. A gigantic benefit of getting your flu shot is keeping yourself out of the hospital. According to the CDC, the flu shot all but guarantees you from going to the hospital due to the flu.

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