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COPC has a team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) that are able to help you explore strategies and create an individualized eating plan? RDNs use evidence based guidelines to assist you in managing your health. They will also help you separate fact from fiction as you continue on your journey of living a healthful life.

Qualifications of RDNs in the State of Ohio include:

  • a bachelor's or master's degree in food, nutrition, food service management or a related field
  • completion of an internship or professional experience
  • registration through a national registration exam
  • maintenance of continued professional education
  • licensure through the State Medical Board of Ohio

Here's what our patients are saying!

“Thank you so much. Yes I am doing many exercises but I am taking it easy and listening to my joints and muscles. This is the best program and I want to thank all of you. Looking forward to my exercise class tomorrow. Take care and I will call if a question pops up.”

“Thank you so very much for the inspirational hour--very grateful and super excited to freshen up the routine!”

“I am so happy I attended. I now know I have one more person on my side and I always have help when or if I need it.”


  • We provide both live/in-person and telehealth options for individual appointments.
  • Live/in-person appointments are available at various locations throughout Columbus.
  • We do require a referral from your COPC physician to be able to schedule your appointment.

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