Central Ohio Primary Care Selects Epic As Its New Electronic Health Record System

7/7/2023 | Michael Vannest, APR

Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) is making the switch to the Epic electronic health record system on Oct. 1. The investment in Epic will transform how COPC delivers healthcare to its 450,000 adult and pediatric patients by streamlining its clinical workflow and information sharing.

As part of the switch to Epic, COPC patients will have access to the following features in the MyChart app:

  • Communicating with your doctor
  • Paying your copays and bills
  • Managing appointments online
  • Using eCheck-In
  • Requesting prescription refills
  • Accessing your health history
  • Linking your family's health record
  • Viewing your vaccine information and lab results


“We are pleased to bring Epic to our patients,” Don Deep, M.D., COPC CEO said. “Being a leader in primary care means offering our patients the most well-known and advanced health record system. By bringing Epic and its MyChart app to our 450,000 patients, we are showing our commitment to being the best for primary care in central Ohio.”

The transition to Epic began in July 2022. The project has created 20 new jobs at Central Ohio Primary Care and has required a team of over 100 experts. The implementation team includes providers, clinical leaders, project managers, analysts, and other subject matter experts.

“For the last year COPC has been working on this transition and we’re so proud of our new tool to help improve the health of our patients,” Gary Janchenko, D.Sc., COPC Chief Information Officer, said. “130 people have contributed countless working hours to bring this system to life and fundamentally change the way our patients and providers work together towards better health for all.”

Epic is used by 517,000 physicians globally, exchanging 14 million patient records daily.

“We’re excited to bring this new platform to COPC and can’t wait to get MyChart in the hands of our patients,” Janchenko said. “Epic is the world-class health record system our patients deserve. We’ve built a robust, responsive system that will scale rapidly with our growing needs allowing COPC to be able to meet the needs of our patients today and well into the future.”

COPC patients will receive more information about the switch to Epic in the coming months. Patients also can view a new Epic-centered webpage on www.copcp.com beginning in August. Epic will be live in all COPC locations, including our SameDay Centers, Pediatric Support Centers, Lab, and Imaging Center, on Oct. 1.

About COPC

Physician founded and led since 1996, Central Ohio Primary Care is a leading healthcare organization committed to delivering the highest quality primary care. With over 90 locations and over 470 physician partners, COPC is the largest independent, physician-owned, primary care group in the United States. COPC is a leader in value-based contracting with over 375,000 commercially insured patients and is taking full risk on 75,000 seniors. Central Ohio Primary Care’s value-based contracting allows for the development of coordinated programs that lead to better health outcomes for their patients and improved value for employers and payors. For more information visit us at www.copcp.com.



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