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Emergency Room or Not? Your COPC Physician can help!

Many emergency room visits can be avoided and it helps to have the support of a medical professional in making that decision. When you are not feeling well and need to decide about a visit to the emergency room, your primary care physician can help. Your primary care provider can often help identify the problem and assess the level of urgency, offer the care you need, or help you determine the right place to get treatment for what ails you.

Save Time and Money

Often trips to the emergency room can be expensive, expose you to illness and require excessive amounts of time before being seen. When you see your primary care provider, you can typically save both time and money.

Typical Co-pay




$0 - $30

Typical Costs




$0 - $175

Typical Wait Time


3 hours


15 min - 1 hour

Call Us First

You can always call your PCP’s office and talk with the care team to help assess your symptoms and determine the best next step. Your physician and care team can access your electronic medical record, care plan and history to help inform the recommendation they make. If your situation isn’t urgent, your provider may be able to get you in the same day to evaluate your symptoms.

Same Day Appointments

In order to serve your unplanned medical needs, we offer same day appointments at our offices. If your PCP does not have availability, then our highly trained staff will help you find a same day appointment with the first available PCP or direct you to the best course of care to address your needs.

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