Pediatric Telehealth Visits

Pediatric Care in the Comfort of Your Home

TeleVisits and how to use them

In an effort to prevent the spread of disease, we are now offering virtual Telehealth visits instead of in person visits for certain situations. All COPC providers are TeleVisit-enabled and are ready to serve your healthcare needs via a virtual Telehealth visit.

TeleVisit Requirements

You can participate in virtual telehealth visits with a smart phone, tablet, or computer with a camera and microphone. Connection can be established via the Patient Portal, the Healow app on your phone or tablet, or simply by opening a link which can be sent by email or text.

Get Started

Getting Started

Requirements for a Telehealth Visit

  • A Patient Portal account or the ability to access email or text on a smart device.
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox internet browsers if you plan to access by computer is planned. You can download Google Chrome here and Mozilla Firefox here.
  • If you are using a desktop computer, a webcam, speakers, and microphone are needed.
  • If you want you use your mobile phone, you will need the the ability to access text or email or you can access via the downloaded Healow app. Click here to learn where to download and how to use the Healow app.

Step 1

Schedule an Appointment

Call your provider's office to schedule a TeleVisit appointment.

Call Your Provider

Step 2

Check your email

You will receive a confirmation email after scheduling a virtual Telehealth visit with your provider including a link to the visit. You will also receive a notification email before the appointment time.

Please Note

Alternatively, your provider might use a methodology (called updox) to send a text or email to you at the time of the visit.

Step 3

Join the Telehealth Visit

Click on the “Join this TeleMed Appointment directly” link. You will be prompted to answer the questionnaire (if applicable). When you finish, click on “Submit Questionnaire” button.

If you are accessing the appointment via email or text message, simply click on the link you receive.

Step 4

Enter Your Vitals

You may be prompted to enter in your vitals, this is optional. Click on “Submit Vitals” when you finish.

Step 5

Perform Compatibility Check

A software compatibility check may run to ensure that the webcam, audio functions, browser, video connection, and bandwidth on your device will work for virtual Telehealth visits. When it has been completed, click on the “Proceed” button.

Step 6

Wait For Your Provider

You will then be placed in the virtual waiting room where your provider will join shortly.

Tips & Troubleshooting

Ways To Prepare for Your Telehealth Visit
  • Decrease the use of bandwidth to ensure a stronger internet connection
  • Get other family members/pets out of the room to decrease noise
  • Have good lighting

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