Pediatric Support Centers, Here When you Need us Most!

11/22/2022 | Dr. Meika Eby

Welcome to the Pediatric Support Center!

We provide pediatric care for acute illnesses and injuries when your regular doctors’ offices are fully booked or closed.

We are appointment only and offer evening and weekend hours.

Our hours and locations are:

Olentangy Pediatric Support Center                                         

4885 Olentangy River Road, Suite 1-10                               

Columbus, OH 43214                                                               

  1. Open Monday-Friday 5p-10p
  2. Open Saturday-Sunday 9a-5p
  3. Closed on major holidays

Westerville Pediatric Support Center                         

400 Altair Parkway, Suite 4400                                                    

Westerville, OH 43082

  1. Open Monday-Friday 2-10p    
  2. Open Saturday Sunday 9a-5p                                                                 
  3. Closed on major holidays

Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers. Please also refer to our website at for more information.

What ages do you see?

We see patients ages 0-18 years as long as you are a patient of a COPC practice. We will sometimes see ages 19-21 if you are followed by a COPC pediatrician, otherwise, we recommend being seen at the COPC adult SameDay center.

What illnesses do you see?

We see acute minor illnesses, meaning newer or recent onset of symptoms. These are things such as colds/flu, Covid-19, bronchiolitis, croup, mild asthma and eczema exacerbations, sore throats, ear pain/infections, red eyes or drainage, urinary pain, new rashes, minor allergic reactions, minor skin infections, etc.

We do not see chronic illnesses, meaning symptoms that have been going on for months, as these are best followed by your regular doctor. These are things such as ADHD, behavioral issues, chronic abdominal pain/vomiting, chronic headaches, etc.

What injuries do you see?

We are able to see many injuries, from minor head injuries to minor cuts/scrapes or lacerations to sprains and strains.

We are able to assess head injuries and concerns for concussions but do not see follow-up visits for these. This means if you have already seen a physician and have been diagnosed with a concussion, you will need to follow up with your doctor or sports medicine.

What if we need sutures/stitches?

We are not able to perform sutures or stitches at this time. If you know your child will need sutures, we recommend going to a pediatric urgent care or emergency department. If you are unsure, we are happy to evaluate for you and help you make that decision.

What if my child has a broken bone?

If you are concerned your child has a sprain, strain or broken bone, we are able to evaluate your child and order X-rays if needed. However, you will have to go to another area (if at the Olentangy location) or even another building/location (if at the Westerville location) to obtain the X-rays. If it is after hours for our COPC radiology sites, you will have to go to a pediatric urgent care or emergency department to have the X-rays done.

We have limited availability of foam and Velcro splints for minor injuries but cannot apply fiberglass or hard splints/casts for more serious injuries. If your child needs a splint/cast or further orthopedic care, you will need to go to a pediatric urgent care or emergency department for further care.

However, if your child is over 13, and has concern for a sprain/strain/broken bone, COPC Orthopedic Urgent Care is an option. It is also appointment only but may be more beneficial as they can perform X-ray and splinting on site.

Do you do sports physicals/return to play?

We do not perform sports physicals. We also do not evaluate for return to play for injuries or concussions.

Can you refill my child’s medications?

We do not refill medications. This will need to be done by your regular doctor.

Is the PSC an urgent care?

It is kind of like urgent care in that we offer evening and weekend hours. But is more like an extension of your doctor’s office as an appointment is required to be seen and you will be billed as an office visit (as opposed to an urgent care visit). 

If your child is in respiratory distress (breathing fast, nostrils are flaring, retractions) or severe pain, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department.

 How do I make an appointment?

We recommend checking with your doctor’s office first to see if they have any available appointments. They can schedule you if they are full, or you may call the PSC directly during our hours at 614-891-4705.

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