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7:30 am - 4:30 pm
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When You Visit

Please present your insurance card and photo I.D. at each and every appointment.

Prescription Policies and Information

We encourage patients to request prescription refills at their office visit. If refills on any maintenance medications are needed before your next office visit, we encourage you to submit a request via the Patient Portal, or to call our office. While we will continue to accept faxed requests for refills from pharmacies, this is the slowest and least efficient way to obtain your prescription refill, as it is difficult to keep up with the number of requests we receive in that manner. Therefore, we ask that you call our office directly and ask for any refill you need to help expedite the process. We will also need to know if there is a change in the pharmacy you use whether due to insurance or personal preference. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about prescription refills.

Missed Appointment Policy

We require appointment cancellations within 24 hours so that we can schedule other patients that require medical attention. Appointments that are not cancelled within 24 hours may be assessed a charge of $50.00. If three (3) appointments are cancelled without a 24-hour notice, this may result in discharge from our practice.

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Discovering Healthy Habits

Are you looking to achieve better health and wellness? If so, we can help you get started by showing you the three key components of a healthy lifestyle. To learn more about how you can integrate healthy eating, exercise, and preventative care in your everyday life, we encourage you to read our article.

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SameDay Care Centers

Our SameDay Centers deliver excellent care that’s a cut above the typical Emergency Room and Urgent Care experience, at a significantly lower cost. By choosing one of our SameDay Centers, you can be seen after traditional hours or when your regular physician is unable to see you that same day.

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Other Hours

Phone Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Natalie Beckett, D.O.

Amanda E. Gordon, M.D.

Lisa G. Horn, M.D.

Julie B. Hundley, M.D.

Mihai Jipa, M.D.

Sheena Lyons, M.D.

Laura A. Maher, M.D.

Bradley McFadden, D.O.

Lisa Z. Mewhort, M.D.

Kevin J. Moffa, M.D.

Matthew Skomorowski, M.D.

Maria Y. Varveris, M.D.